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 (and immature adults)






About Me:


Hello and welcome.  Evidently, I'm a writer.  I write funny, sometimes confusing, picture books for children and immature adults, like me!


I used to work in Visual Effects in film where I sat in a terribly dark room for ten years working as a texture painter.  It was wonderful.  (It really was).  You can go up on IMDB if you want to verify my story.  When I had my daughters, I didn't think I'd ever find something nearly as neato to do with my time.


Then I found writing and I realized that it would be pretty awesome to write books for kids.  So I did!


I live in Albany, California right near my hometown, Berkeley.  I'm a devout Californian and also a terrible gardener. 


Other facts:  I'm great at word jumbles, I married my highschool sweetheart, I was on the Bay Bridge in the '89 quake and I love Cheezits...but who doesn't?


I am available for speaking engagements and school visits.  Just contact me (on the contact page).


Represented by Jen Rofé of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.


Thanks for visiting!  - - Dev