Frog's Book Birthday!

What an exciting day!

Really, my cup runneth over. A few months ago, some great reviews started coming in and I could feel there was a lot of enthusiasm for this book.

Today it came out and was featured in Scholastic Instructor's winter preview. It's been recognized by independent booksellers. SO many people have sent kind words about it. And then today, it was released!

I'm so honored by the amazing work Mike Boldt did in creating those incredible characters and the folks at RH who are behind it 100 percent. Seriously a buzzillion thanks to my critique group, agent for Frog Sara Sciuto, my buddies, Julie Falatko, Lauren Eldridge, Danielle Smith....a really long list.

Book Birthday #1. May there be many more. Feel free to drop a line if you've read the book and have thoughts! Review it on Amazon and B & N. If you're local to the Bay Area, find me and let me sign it for you.

More soon. I'm going to bed.


#picturebooks #boldt #frog

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