Manuscript Critiques

Yes, I Do Picture Book Manuscript Critiques!  


Here are some basic questions and answers.  Use the contact form for more information. 

How much does it cost?  How long does it take?

I charge $200 per manuscript. It usually takes 1-2 weeks.

What do I get?

You get a thorough line edit of your story addressing style, concept, flow, rhythm etc.  You also receive narrative comments including revision steps, comparable stories, and ideas to improve your story and craft.  I also will do a re-read and edit post-revision.  I welcome questions throughout the process and am happy to help edit a brief query letter.

Do you have a specialty?

While I critique many styles, my personal style leans on the side of spare, funny writing, and unique picture books that make you think.  I am probably not the right person to critique poetry or long historical fiction PBs. 


I specialize in helping writers find the "thread" or theme of their story, writing with more punch, and telling stories in original ways.  I'm always delighted to offer ideas about plot points, endings, and ways to pump up the humor.  

Will paying for a critique mean my story sells?  

If only!  There are  many reasons why a story doesn't sell and paying for a critique doesn't insure it will.  Hopefully, if nothing else, you will learn a lot and be able to move forward on your writing journey with more and better tools.  

I have been working with Dev on my picture books since 2012. Dev has a knack for noticing when a beat is off, for knowing when to slow down to appreciate a moment, and for helping to make an idea, a joke, or a character shine.


She has the industry experience to know what will hold back a manuscript, or make it resonate with agents and editors. I can’t imagine submitting a story without having Dev take a look at it first.


--Abigail Rayner

  THE BACKUP BUNNY (NorthSouth Books)

   I AM A THIEF (Fall '19).

Dev brings the keen sense of storytelling, character, humor, and what appeals to kids that’s in her brilliant picture books to her critiques. Her feedback—both beat by beat and the big picture—will help you make your manuscript accomplish what it’s truly setting out to do.

--Danielle Davis

ZINNIA AND THE BEES (Capstone Young Readers '17)